Jenin Refugee Camp c.2001 by Luc Delahaye born 1962

I want to shred as many hearts as I can with this coming short story, so that we may start looking inward to examine our faults, repair the world, and stop demonizing the people we’ve perceived as enemies incapable of change for so long.  I hope that for some, this may inspire a change from within.

Cold Water, coming soon.

(Photograph copyright Luc Delahaye, “Jenin Refugee Camp”, 2001)



I am falling in love with the history of the greatest air force in the world: Kheil HaAvir, the Israeli Air Force.  While updating Blindfire here and there, I have been wanting to write another short documenting the exploits of the 1967 Six Day War, (not-biased) the greatest and most impressive military exploit of this modern age, next to the 1948 Israeli-Arab War.

Bloody fascinating.

The short story’s working title is 3 HRS. I cannot wait to share more!

Shavua Tov