ABOUT אודות

Sefer, Hebrew for “book”, was one of the first words I learned as I had begun to study the language as a conflicted young adult six years ago.  Deep down I harbored a crisis of identity and faith, which led me to Judaism.

Reading of the Holocaust survivors and Jewish pioneers living in Mandatory Palestine, and the way they transformed a patch of desert Earth and sustained it with hard work and a harder warrior’s spirit, took my dry tinder of a soul and set it on fire.

In October of 2015 (Cheshvan 5776), I fulfilled my commitment and became a Jew.

The definition of who I am and my life’s direction has not always been this straightforward.  I come from a worn path marked with tumultuous difficulty.  Taking inspiration from my struggle, my faith, and a passion for literature and visual art has led me here, I hope, for another wrestling spirit to find.

My name is Brendan, my Hebrew name is Nachshon.  This is my portion, my Scattered Sefer.


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