New Blog Fiction

I understand that I have been absent from this Scattered Sefer for quite some time. Other than habitually visiting the blog roll to follow some interesting writers, but rarely contributing anything on my site with the exception a few poignant stanzas by other authors that have touched me at relatable times, has made me feel almost guilty in taking the back seat of my writing habits.

I have returned to say, yes, Shalosh Sha’at is still in progress, and a new blog fiction project of mine will be joining it.

Dagger Men“.

Dagger Men is to be set during the tumultuous reign of Caesar Vespasian, within the newly occupied Roman Judea. Yakve, a becoming man inspired by the Zealot political faction rising from its domineering display during a recent state-wide revolt, is charged by his pious father to influence his older brother Yeshak, who is hopeless for his people, and who is attempting to censor a musing for the Roman occupation draft.

I will follow this post with a preview of the story soon.


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