SHALOSH SHA’AT שלוש שעות


is “Three Hours”.

The unit of time measured of which it took the heavily-outnumbered Israeli Air Force to destroy the entire Egyptian arsenal of jet fighters and bombers, effectively establishing air-superiority during the Six-Day War, was Three Hours.

SHALOSH SHA’AT is a blog-fiction project that will give prominence to personal experiences had during the Six-Day War, from Israeli perspectives to Egyptian and American; from the perspective of witnesses and participants, to that of soldiers and sons. I am not only looking to sharpen my skills as a writer documenting a valid, well-known historical event, but I also wish to augment my personal understanding of the geo-political moods and cultural introspections of the era with my understanding of Judaism, to the generations of opposing nations and how the conflict affected its people mentally, physically and emotionally; my understanding of Israel’s perpetual growth and struggles giving her rise to international spotlight, and how the conflict has helped forge what the Middle East is today.

SHALOSH SHA’AT is an emotional scope as much as it is a historical introduction to what is regarded as one of the greatest modern military achievements. SHALOSH SHA’AT is a struggle, a piece of frustration, doubt, uncertainty and endeavoring Hope; manna in the sand for both the people who lived through the Six-Day War, and for the generations who live in its shadow.


PART I: Beginning

PART II: Hermon’s Thunder (Part I)

PART III: (coming soon)


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