‘ZaHal’ (2010)


Beneath Turquoise skies, Her rivers flow wide
Fire cheated flame to which Kingdoms hath formed
Where flut’ring stripes fly in echoing pride
A Sacred land spare glory, hope
yet War
Throughout Her hist’ry, she hath been exchanged,
Back to Her tender care we have returned
To the great dismay of nations in hatred,
We stand and defend with all of our earn.
Her blessings reach far, as a mother’s Arms;
I want to go and restore though we’re far,
Rush to protect Her before she is harm’d
Give my life to fight beneath David’s star.

A Saint who hath birth’d Kings and is our God’s own,
I will incur full might, I am call’d to Home.

(Photograph of Paratroopers Brigade exercise in May 2010, courtesy of IDF Spokesperson)


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