The Tsabra Project

Because of changes I have eluded this blog’s pages– changes portent to the life I wish to live, but flowing opposite the direction of where I thought I was headed– which have both prevented me from posting here as often and are the inspiration for a new Project I am constructing:


The Tsabra Project.

The Tsabra Project is simply to be a photo journal of my choosing to live the Jewish life. One of the most recurring fantasies influencing my mind and decision making is the intensive desire of mine to document every single life event, whether small or large; these affirmations, whether it be a photograph taken, a letter sent, a blog post published, helps me realize a moment’s intensity and appreciate the fullness of what I am trying to capture in my mind’s eye.

And that is exactly what I want to grow up to be: A story teller. I will be keeping this domain for my personal jots, short stories and poetry, and of course for Shalosh Sha’at, but The Tsabra Project will open up a new front for me in exercising my skills in the profession I ultimately choose and the life I want to embrace: photojournalism and Judaism.

It is time to become a true person of the Book; the site is live, and its construction will be completed soon. (But unless I forget Thee, O Jerusalem, the site may go unfinished for a good while as these personal changes continue to unfold and solidify)

(Background Photograph: Chicago facing North from the Willis Tower Skydeck, 6 July 2013)


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