Dust Song


On this eve I miss the miracles of the book, and unable to prevent shriveled postludes;
Under Ukraine’s stars, when our hearts recall that we had let our guard down. And
Running beneath that chalky sun; streams ran from my knuckles, from rivets to mud.

Hold onto that starry night, where innocence had
Once lived. If The Name were near, nothing like these
Parched consciences we would fear, I know; like the sun now so high and just,
Ego does not make a man any more than heat on clay; holes to rust.

I forget what it is like to live, I’ve dreamt too much; time draws to a close
So I revert to a feeling– I have let my guard down, I will let my heart hope.

New armor comes with time; but waiting, hiding in dust and routing through the scars,
Omits the opportunity for change. You must take this call; endure the burns, ride out the stall;
To pick up your arms and carry through inevitable, know that you will go far.

Your trials are never effortless: minds run like a horse, we need time for a love now so
Empty; the gun now so heavy. But keep on that furloughed trail, and remember who you are– from
The Life you’ve come. The hope is as close as that raging sun; Holy and hot, covering this lot.

Let go as we crave for the familiarity of the past, and watch it burst in our passionate right;
Off with the loitering light, strumming your song, before you go from dreamer to
Sleeper, mark your heart with this thought, declare silently, boldly in the night:
That our Hope is not yet lost.


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