ASCHEMORGEN: Restiveness

When dreams become visions, and visions splice with your character, and your character– obligation; planning becomes hesitation, hesitation becomes fear, and fear with obligation begets restiveness.

In the eve of this book’s writing, I have molded my thoughts into the man that was, and will be, Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel. The German Field Marshal who used his cunning nature to win the Libyan front against the English and eventually the Americans, and was proceeded to take charge of the construction of the Atlantic Wall, a monolithic shoreline defense extending from Northern Spain to the Barents Sea.

However, most of what Erwin Rommel endured in his later years of becoming the renowned Wüstenfuchs (“Desert Fox”) would never have happened due to the alternate war between England and Nazi Germany, that would have saved the Third Reich from the two battle fronts that resulted in its early demise, and allowing further concentration on its war against the Soviet Union.

But it is not necessarily the change in events I would like to focus on, rather, the character, the dilemma of the Wüstenfuchs, and his task of invading and appropriating the Eastern seaboard of the United States of America, his close and increasingly discommodious relationship with Adolf Hitler, and his desires for a new, placid Germany.

I have many doubts for this book, but not for the concept. My writing needs to be focused and honed; every paragraph needs to be a masterpiece, a force, detailing every accurate nicety that was this man and his responsibilities, the lives and thoughts of everyone of his men, ranging from the stark malevolent of many Nazi contemporaries of his day, to the tortured souls of the conspirators, the saviors, the silent idealists; the victims of this American Holocaust who speak a major voice in this novel.

But in the end, with many little revisions, many re-reads, many small additions and perhaps more monumental edits, I hope to paint a vivid documentary of struggle and spirit that represents the United States colliding with modern history’s most renowned, captivating evils.

And as much as I write of effort, it will remain an effort to write.

I will unravel a little further later on.



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