Life: an Incandescent Progress

No one quite knows what is behind the veil of the next sunrise. As that powerful rotund of light inherits the night’s cool expanse of lightyear-distant diamonds, lightning shows, dreamers, drunkards, thinkers, writers and insomniacs, the new day comes.

The fresh day brings different people, old friends and new experiences, further solidifying us either in our wanderings or certainties. Tormenting the patient man and fulfilling the hardworking woman.

I am so young and still finding my place around the world that I fear to speak for others, but for me, life is a beautiful waiting room. It is difficult to contain patience and even more painstaking to contain the transit. Many friends of mine are moving away, completing college; for me, conversion is a process and a trying one. But because of this progress I am meeting many more people both personally and overseas alike, and it is these times I have looked forward to all my life.

Everyone close to me is so encouraging. I am thankful for the friends I have and it is a privilege to be an inspiration, a shoulder, an anchor for them as they are for me.

Each and everyday I wonder about marriage. Curiosity and commitment are some of life’s greatest mysteries. I cannot give myself up, not yet; I need to complete my yearning of moving to Israel and becoming a photojournalist before I am to dedicate myself for the engagement, happiness and lifelong oath to another human being.

“The silence is taxing
I’m waiting for something
There’s images
of love and war
and everything’s here to explore;
It’s all alike,
unusual, a different place
But beautiful
and it is not
quite as it seems
I hear the children’s laugh and screams.

It’s beautiful.
So beautiful.”



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