In the aftermath of a short story project being lost, I transferred my frustration into furthering my progress on different, grander project, ASCHEMORGEN, also known as “Ashes of Tomorrow”.

I feel an essential need to expand my raison d’être as to why I am writing a book as controversial as this. For one, it is mainly focused from the perspective* of a homosexual German paratrooper who struggles against societal identity and creed, as his nation wages an invasion against the under-prepared United States in an alternate-world 1948. He is ordered to commit evils greater than ethically fathomable, and undergoes the transformation from a boy-poet living in the woods of Bayern to embracing his shackled destiny as a soldier fighting on a foreign shore for the Dritte Reich.

As a Jewish prospect, why am I risking to write a novel under the sympathetic perception for a Nazi soldier? Because deep inside, this young man is not a Nazi. He is a torn soul, disillusioned by the iron fist he has been taught to view as his Messiah during his poverty-stricken upbringing during the Weimar Republic. He is pressured under the spurning anti-homosexual, Jew, Gypsy and Communist agitprop that was the National Socialist movement of the 1930’s and 40’s. He is desperate for whatever asylum he can invest in to survive, and as for the many Germans and co-belligerents during that troubled time, survival was a choice of blunt surrender or silent resistance.

*(note, one of many perspectives)

More to come.


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