Longing Throes

The heart wants what the heart wants.

Lately I have been giving thought to the possibility that I may be thinking too far ahead, a little too unrealistically, and perhaps forgetting the objectives of the current.
While that may be true, my mind gives this sort of temporary emptiness a happy place to fill up and dream.
I know I will arrive at my future’s aspiration just fine, although unexpected (and the like) detours will occur. It is an only natural besetting to an otherwise unnatural desire.

Just thoughts of the evening.
I grow irritated with the unsettling silence of the cloudless nights churning above a billion clamoring and faraway minds.
I would like to hear what they have to speak sometimes,
other days I wish I didn’t concern so frequently.

It is important to give release to the steam that stresses itself inside a working head.

Well. I am certain that you didn’t catch all of that, but mind garbage aside, I am feeling pretty eager right now. My content seems so far, and though I find little buds of patience growing out of the ground to keep me going, it is a process. A hardening, humbling, weary process. I’m going to go lose myself in a book to kindle my sanities.

Tonight’s Read: A History Of Zionism, by Walter Laqueur.

Laila Tov.


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