So, I am back after nearly five months. Things have changed. I have changed. I do not care much to elaborate right now, the next enfilade of posts should do just fine in updating how my life has been ever differing. And if this current chapter is any indication of how quickly and how strongly a man can transfigure, I do look forward to celebrating how much more experienced, and new, and mature I will be in the next five months.

My motivation for renewing this blog is, in part, synchronized with my ever changing life. I want to talk about it. I need to talk about it. Making progress is null without documenting it. Am I right?

I attempted to create a “successor” to this blog back in March (viewable here), and although it was a promising concept in itself, and rather intimate, I thought back on how stupid it was to suspend this blog for a new one (which was born following the closure of a previous blog, SincereSacrifice; but being an archive of a past life, it was necessary to shut down), I decided to clean up this site and mature it into a mainstay for my online writing universe. And this site will definitely be seeing a major clean up in the next few days come weeks, and an upcoming renewal (namely radical design changes and the adaption of an independent domain) so you will be noticing less and less past content and more refurbished, up-to-date posts. It has to happen.

But, writing aside, it is indeed two hours past midnight, and I need some shut-eye.

Shavua Tov friends, it is a new week. Thank the Unknown that you are still alive, and thirsty, and well.

Shalom for now. לילה טוב


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