“Cataract” (3 HRS)

A deep, erotic journey hand-in-hand with Israel’s rise to air dominance and security during the Decade of Discontent, Cataract gives the reader a high dosage of the conquest and power that defined the 1967 Six Day War within the boundaries of a short story. It delivers a quick-paced firsthand account of the Israeli Air and Ground forces’ engagement with Egypt for the Sinai Peninsula.

While trying to be lenient to preserve further details for the actual copy of the story, on a personal note, I wish to break the common misconception that Israel is an all-religious entity, and for that, I wish to paint a true picture of Jewish military life during the flower power generation (while not totally spread onto Israel at that point, it received incredible influence from their primary arms supplier, the United States).

This makes for an interesting literary project. While not obviously as intense as contriving a novel, it gives me opportunity to expand my horizons on the plot-front, developing clear, inspired messages I have always wished to introduce and strengthen in our self-absorbed culture, all from having a false sense of nobility to an overwhelming inferiority.

I wish to say although the holistic feats are apparent with narratives such as the Six Day War, even the chosen people are waging a war of doubts and struggling through life with its heavy wages; a needle in the haystack of a vicious, chastising world.

Laila Tov


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