With chapters outlined, I am now designing the final resolutions to my novel Männer der Hölle and beginning to write. I am going to focus all of my energy on this commitment, so I will be taking a seasonal hiatus from working on this site and its sister THE RESPONSE.

A current issue I want to address that requires attention is the grim situation unfolding in Syria, with a bloody revolution looming on their horizon. President Al Assad’s regime has continued a violent crackdown on peaceful protesters demanding his resignation since the early summer of last year.

Reminiscent of Libya’s uprising and civil war yesteryear, Syria’s military is much stronger and intrepid in their oppression, receiving outside support from Iran. This month, the Arab League has sent investigators to assess the situation in deciding whether or not to intervene, and due to attacks on inspectors, several nations have recalled their agents, and are at a stalemate as to deciding what actions to take.

In a hesitant process, several regime Army members have since defected and joined the protests, taking refuge in the neighborhoods of major cities, such as Damascus, where heavier actions are being taken by regime forces (namely shelling of neighborhoods where both peaceful protesters and innocents reside).

This is a sick situation and action must be taken. Pray for the tactile minds of those who love justice to access the approval of our politician’s right to take wartime measures.  Pray for the innocents who face loss every day by the dozens.  Pray for the righteous hearts who love their people and are choosing to boldly stand against this oppression.

Pray for Syria.

Boker Tov v’Shalom


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