Harbinger is a concept novel I am developing, intended to overdose its reader in the horrid decadency of the modern world.

I plan for this to be a strong critic of the contemporary church, and although I am not Christian, favoring the original steps and following of Yeshua Mashiach.

I originally tagged it with the working title Stars and Parachutes (and originally Fall of the Phoenix), and a short description of the project can be read here on my former blog.

Working on Maenner Der Hoelle lately, which shares the same story (despite centering on different personas in different locations), has intertwined with my original book and inspired work on both project fronts, making this a very ill-balanced process of inspiration and devotional occupation. The novels-in-progress are also contrastively different in their message, moral, setting and emotion, which makes working on such projects at once a mentally-impeding process of time and thought.

I need to focus at one at a time, taking footnotes as ideas emerge inevitably, before taking on the next project with my whole attention. Though I cannot deny that it is both interesting and addictive to find connections and strengthen the locales of your intellectual property’s own continuum.

I have always thought that each and every one of us can identify the traits of our demise. We do not hesitate, just as the earth still turns and the right decisions we ought to take stand in the sun every waking moment of every single day. Harbinger is the road we as a generation are on together, not stopping to consider what folly we are numbing our minds with and how nothing is being done to even consider a different route.

We as people allow life to take its own course; rarely feeling powerless, but subjecting ourselves in shiftless passivity to wrong and burying our hearts in the cement of sinful strife, hoping that we are perceived as not knowing any better. Satan, albeit our self-aware lies of innocence, then truly twists our condition and begins to work in placing stealthy harm, true confusion, in our minds, attitude, and most vitally, in our hearts.

Shavua Tov!


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