I know that these times have been rough, and those rough times were shared with many people. Feelings of anger, remorse, guilt; all of that is natural. Two people were trapping themselves in a stupid system of self-denial, refusing who they were to foolishly force together two puzzle pieces that were not made to lock.

I condemn that past and I am glad that she has finally found a sense of relief in moving on, as I have. That is all that it was, two different people that brought out the worst reactions in one another. I forgive her. She is consorted. She is blessed, and she should continue to build friendships and fellowship with other people. Everyone needs to move on.

Her hair that I had kept for seven months is finally discarded. Change I had received from her in March in turn for a dollar, now mixed in with the rest of mine and ready to be spent.

She is forgiven, and I apologize for what blunt force was needed to finally prosper in the right direction.

And always remember, that you should always concern what people think about themselves and G-D first, before you concern what people think about you.


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