Bar Lev Line

It was only a matter of time and unnecessary pain
before these taciturn fields of dust and ancient grain
were seized by the banners of adversaries, fraying and tossing;
clouds punctured by formations– the argent meteors of day.

But minds roaming these floors have matured to vistas of folly
confused hearts and twisted metal, bombed by the wars of longing
in turn have dragged down falsely-raised posterity by needles and sheets,
cold bars of steel imprisoning the mind from the impatient insulting.

but does this cancer continue to knit the two fronts of liberation and deceit?
some people use crosses, nirvana and milk for devas on their bloody caste knees,
to build this Wall and ignore their shame, living and passing away with them; neurologically insane.
Waking up every naked morning albeit their armor-clad hearts with which they had fallen at peace,
now locked up and resting at their mind’s carnal-weary feet:
only to rearm each gauntlet and plate as the enemy of loneliness’ assaults do rise with the day,
until another night has come of kicking off the cuisses and jambs; swords do not make good lovers, so they cheat with their hands.

The line rises, and so does their confidence fall
war is not good for the soul, but it is cocaine to the head;
so ready to kill, propose and maliciously defend.
Failing to recognize that bickering enemy who so apparently does love you,
the angel’s Sword is solely reserved for that goat who affectionately condemns.
she is strange, she is wayward;
erect the shields and guard your walls!
like the insecure indecision that governs her volatility
Bar Lev is against the nation that promise with secret knives– temporarily bearing.
From Shoreview to Portland, from Ashkelon to Gehenna,
always reserve the buckler for the star-crossed depraved–

failing you, themselves, and exclusively the Name;
So be it, wirklich, ah’men v’ah’men.

(Painting by Luke Hillestad)


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