New Concept Blog Coming Soon

Boker Tov! While procrastinating from sleep for the umpteenth night in a row, I have deliberated over an idea for a new blog and eventual website. It is aligned with the precept of Middle Eastern Journalism, particularly focused on Israel and its affairs internally and internationally.

The blog’s title:

Now because of this new blog, I have been meaning to find people interested in Middle Eastern affairs who would be willing to help write for this site. Unbiased, its goal is to raise awareness of anti-semitism and the rising violence that is climbing in several Arabic nations surrounding Israel, and the altercations that are being faced within the Jewish State.

PIONEER is still going to be my personal blog where I will occasionally write about Israel in my musings, however, THE RESPONSE: will take the Israel keynote and multiply it by an entire centralized, tireless focus.

This is my main pivot and undertaking for this year. If you are even remotely interested, I entreat you to respond and consider even helping out however you can! A team will be needed to operate this as a proactive, creative website. Especially if you are a writer of any kind, interested or even associated with Israel and its surrounding entities, I would love to work together.

The site will be non-profit, built for the sake of shaping vital literature, journalism, and research skills by presenting a passionate issue to an under-educated world.

Please let me know if you are interested, or might know anyone who would be!

Shabbat Shalom


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