I had a long talk with my father who is currently working in North Dakota for a month at a time, and the discussion was extremely prospective, albeit depressing because of issues he is experiencing with a confusing love interest in St. Louis.

Though beyond the lines of our lives’ predicaments, he is making much money up north by driving for a fuel truck corporation, and he offered me a job that would pay between 15-20 dollars an hour, working as a warehouse member.

I believe the opportunity is fantastic and would serve as an extremely helpful avenue to bring me to my feet and beginning my career I wish to eagerly begin overseas. I would be working in the Black Hills of North Dakota… an extremely quaint and breathtaking frontier if I were to take this job. It would hone my motor-service and repair skills which would in turn make me more knowledgable in the field of the armored corps.

(Zack overlooking Custer State Park; Photo by Andrew Dunn)

Baruch HaShem for the abundant blessing and trials that harden us into souls more whole, for His gracious provision.


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