Israeli-Arab Conflict: So Close, So Different

The sun sets on the United States while a new day begins in Israel.

As the Judean sun rose this morning at approximately 7:08AM IDT, a Palestinian Qassam rocket that was fired from the Gaza strip landed in a close-proximity Israeli neighborhood; the rocket malfunctioned and did not explode.

Eight hours before the early morning attack, at about 23:30PM IDT, the Israeli Air Force conducted an operation which killed two dangerous jihadists, following a late-night Qassam rocket launch which failed and landed in the Palestinian perimeter.

Two hours prior at 21:15PM IDT, a successful Qassam rocket strike resulted in an explosion in Israel’s Negev community, without any injuries being reported, courtesy of Israel’s missile defense sirens which are a common warning for southern residents.

This week alone, five rockets and two mortars have already been fired at Israel during the final days of Chanukkah, a renowned Jewish celebration encapsulating the themes of hope, rededication and victory.

Hamas is the terrorist political entity responsible for the majority of these attacks. Why they elect to fire rockets targeting innocent civilians in the vicinity while abusing the cover of their own people in case of IDF retaliation, is a controversial, misunderstood and enigmatic issue.

The boundaries between Israel and Palestine are neck to neck, however the two nations are contrastively different in their views, culture and intent. Palestine is a disputed population of differing opinion; most protest for their own nation that exists in the entirety of the Israeli boundary; in a generational bequeath of violent doctrine, many vow martyrdom to reclaim the “lost Palestine land” that was usurped from them during the 1948 establishment of a Jewish state.

Israel is a victim of much condemnation in world affairs, but rarely do the reprimands have an effect on the country’s continual self-defense and willing cooperation with the terroristic governments that have taken control in Gaza and in parts of the West Bank. Controversial military tactics and often brusque means of retaliation has given Israel and its armed forces the prestige of being a criminal society.

This name does not befit the Israel Defense Forces, but there have been cases where the human rights of Palestinians have been violated immensely during IDF operations. However, this does not compare to the grave list of human right atrocities the jihadists and terrorists of Gaza and the West Bank continue to commit weekly.

A resolution, which has been long sought by both parties and their intrinsic views for security, trust and freedom, have locked the two rivals in constant disagreement and further fighting that has no clear end in sight.

While Israel vows to defend its citizens and remain on its path towards sovereignty, and Palestine fights an emotional battle to return to their forefathers’ homeland while absorbing the hate speech of a historically extremist dogma, this composes of the mess that is the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Casualties will rise, and violence will grow. It is an inevitable adversity.


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