Research Night

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and holiday weekend. I am kicking off this week with much extensive (almost aimless) research of the Israeli Air Force for a final push through a short story I have post-poned for a couple of months, as my life has been fairly hectic lately.

I have new Corel computer-drawing software and Photoshop, which is a HUGE asset for many projects I wish to accomplish.

And there is this new gadget I have called a Bamboo Pad… which is a giant multi-touch track pad with an included stylus specifically used for drawing and photo/video editing. It is a remarkably useful tool. Combining the Bamboo with a new dual screen I have incorporated using my dead computer’s old monitor… my room has transformed into a studio office of sorts.

I am incredibly happy about this.

The new short story will be posted on this blog site soon! It is experimental… much like an obscure movie. But it is not necessarily the questionable content I wish to highlight… rather the message.

Erev Tov


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