Time Capsule

This post is a growing collection of project pieces I have recovered from the past, namely my flagship concept: Fall of the Phoenix, which is now renamed Harbinger. I am thrilled to have found this, and awed by all that I have left behind. The first of many-to-come photos is of a timeline I had made almost five years ago regarding the start of the Third World War, the locale plot of Harbinger and Maenner der Hoelle.

*The growing numbers denote rising casualties suffered during the mounting conflict

One of the many banners promoting Fall of the Phoenix on its now defunct Myspace site; its Christian themes are apparent

Along with the banners, brief promotional .gifs occupied the Myspace description box to describe the project


Written and planned to be an emotionally-invigorating novel, I often searched for a “soundtrack” to complement the moods of the setting and characters’ development. Blessthefall and Brand New were both a leading inspiration

“Saviour Saviour” (2008) one of several drawings I made to help formulate scenes for Fall of the Phoenix. The particular scene depicted a firefight during the November Siege, “The Day the Parachutes Fell”, a climactic military invasion of France which begins the United States’ entry into World War III. The firefight takes place on an avenue approaching Paris’ Arc de Triomphe, while a discarnate image of a fallen soldier embracing Jesus dominates the midground

In 2008, my inspiration hit a stumbling stone when renowned game publisher and novelist Tom Clancy released EndWar for game consoles. Depicting a Third World War centralized in Europe (heavily advertised by pictorial battle scenes in Paris like the one above), I was shocked and disheartened by the uncanny resemblance I had built my book’s universe on. This would be the decline of inspiration for Fall of the Phoenix, and I moved on to other projects in the meantime


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