Shutter in the Rubble

The Christmas Tree; a burning cenotaph of poignant memories.

‘Lately’ has certainly been a disappointment.

I have been working my job almost non-stop, which is a good thing, but my time has been slated for nothing else but long naps and fruitless, restless nights.

I feel like soon, this season is about to change my life permanently. These humdrum times are bound to end, and I am bursting at the bolts to move and attend the Arts Institute in my hometown of Minneapolis. In a perfect world, I would move out of this home, find morally-abiding roommates and rent a place in South Minneapolis. I wish to pursue a degree in Photography – Bachelor of Fine Arts, and work within Digital Film and Video Production. In a perfect world I would live as a freelance photographer in dangerous world zones; I am inspired by the Arab Spring movements, and wish to capture revolution on film.

A life on the run.


Today, the IAF targeted two terrorist cells in northern Gaza during the early hours of Wednesday morning, and reportedly killed one insurgent.

Israel has always pulled at my interests, if it isn’t the greatest of them all. It would be an honor to work on this field one day.

And on a historical note… today is the seventieth anniversary of Pearl Harbor. In my younger years, during my infatuations with the Second World War, I was especially attentive to the Pacific Theater. When the film Pearl Harbor was released when I was in third grade, I was disappointed with the lack of historical context, replaced by a cliché hollywood love drama. December 7th has always perked my memory and will in likelihood continue to do so for the rest of my life. Not as an American, but as a passionate historian.

Lest we forget.


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