Pride is a strange shield.
Unbeknownst to us, we can use pride as a false vent for hate when immature desperation apprehends our true yearnings.
Yes, pride is often a deception, but not because our heart is wrong; pride can contradict the heart.

Pride is capable of lying to a broken soul.

It can become the Hitler to a hopeless Weimar Republic.  The seducing alcohol to a torn man.  The taunts to an oppressed slave.

It is better to wait, to fight, with purity of intention rather than allowing an immediate, well-coordinated outburst of overt awareness to conceal our emotions and to begin unnecessary battles; this insecurity more than likely lacks in pitiful compensation for what we truly seek.

Pride is not an entirely evil thing, but it needs to be considered with moderation.  Hold patient pride and apply it to personal truth, do not goose-step.  Pride drives the spirit, it can overwhelm the spirit.  Pride reminds us of who we are… pride attacks to corrupt who we are.

Embrace the resolute medium.


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