The Amber Atlantic

so many different hearts aligning this road
eyes above, minds adrift; hands reaching for the fabled other half,
while sentimentalities govern the celestial unknown.
memory can be as cold as ice;
influence the future in a tireless tantrum of pain and silent strife
the present,
where our acceptances once did reside
leave us to retreat in the thought of: where have they run?
where have you gone?
what do you see?
can you feel me?
unconscious anger burns against the current; in the past do our visions sleep.

the dreamers wait in themselves,
and draw inspiration from an untouchable reality.
mouths absent smiles occupy this crag of desire,
life does inhabit the mean man’s sanity;
he wants to find it, bring it into his world.
mein Frau, you’ve slipped so far
to bring you back, what do I give?
I am armed with everything
and I have been more than eager to live.


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