Undoubtedly at one point, everyone has felt the discouraging feeling of being stranded and uncommon where they are. Like a stranger in their home, as if they truly belonged elsewhere.

This summarizes my feelings right now, and no, there is no excuse for me to not feel this way. Submission to the inevitable confines of this redundant place is not my plan.

It is not enough to want, or to be pulled, but you must do.

I miss your eyes that would stroll for me there, all alone.
I miss that smile, a rapid amend for when our glances met; your vivacious lips.
I miss your dark bistre hair that would glisten by hanging strands of gold in the light.
I miss the way you would comfort me, and light fire to my somber days.
I miss the lithe bones of your face; your beautiful hand.
I miss your splintered English, and your fearless humility continuing, always aware.
I miss your laugh. I miss your mistakes. And I missed the moment, doomed under the naive barricades of over-forbearance; unnecessary fear.
I will never miss that again.

Erev Tov


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