Männer der Hölle (Men of Hell)

Another resurrected “project”.

I don’t know. I am really interested in investing these projects in unconventional ways of writing, because although the orthodox methods of book writing is a very difficult art to master, I am heavily influenced by visual and indulgent realism that I don’t think I will sanely be able to write a chapter-for-chapter book.

I just have no idea how to execute this fantasy.

With one book I am writing, Harbinger, I have already executed the concept for how I am going to write it, but I am not going to be so inclined to share; however, I will only say that it does take place in the same universe as Männer der Hölle, so it makes sense to write both in a similar way.

There is a basic, straightforward setting that pretty much encapsulates the story; World War III, Europe.

Männer der Hölle takes place in the small town of Aalen, Germany, during the European Union’s war with post-Republic Russia in 2014. Centered within the strategic garrison of the German Bundeswehr, the story is told from the perspective of an adolescent boy, proficient in Russian, finishing his schooling at a local Gymnasium. He plans to flee the country with his lover to escape the encroaching Russian military during its accelerating invasion of Eastern Europe.

The two become separated, and the story then adapts into the perspective of the 17-year old’s new involvement with an underground militia of the annexed city, namely to find his vanished partner.

I really wish for this story to emphasize the themes of patience, courage, and the pursuit of happiness.

…And I am realizing that 3/4ths of my inspired works take place in Europe.

…I think you know what I am thinking.


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