Disparaging Consequence

Let’s be frank,
the ignorant audacity of some people can be quite frustrating.  Some people you meet in life will use you with the introverted delusion that they are not, say they care for you when they always put you in harm’s way, and lie to you with the words they speak for a contemporary high of self-centered infatuations; false need.

These people fail to comprehend the seriousness of harassment, and what it can cause. We all must learn from our mistakes at one point or another, and this point of my life is no exception. I encourage you to move on if you have any of these types of people trying to hold you back in your endeavors.

Avoid. They need help that they cannot receive from their victims, and you deserve that much more than an unwavering stumbling block.  Everyone does.


My sleep is being cut short, which is a good thing. I am feeling more awake, more alive with this rhythm I have lately. Less hours, earlier bedtime, and I wake up at eight in the morning. It hasn’t been this way since I was a little elementary schooler (omitting the times since then I had to wake up early). I caught a beautiful sunrise this morning, but as with the wonted winter weather we are so acquainted with in Minnesota, it is cloudy again.

It is still a beautiful day, and the sun tends to burn its alabaster presence through the golden halo of smokey vapor every once in a while.

And there is this… person. I have not seen her for the longest while because she does not live in the United States. But ever since she had left for home, I have continuously remembered her; she will not leave my thoughts. And I suppose that some things we want and miss are not possible to get back, but that does not stop me from thinking how incredible it would be if we were to meet again.

Guten Morgen


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