The morning is overwhelmingly serene, warm and bright. I want to rest my eyes without regret.

Tomorrow we are due our first snow storm, which will bring about six inches of frozen crystal to this dry Minnesota ground throughout early morning on Shabbat. Unfortunately I will be working overnight… and I only say this because it is breaking the law by doing so between sunset Friday and sunset Saturday. This is something I will have to discuss with my manager… although I am not yet entered into a Yeshiva or have officially accepted Torah, it still makes me uncomfortable, so I will rest as much as I can and especially make amends.

This is my second blog for anyone reading who may not know. As you could imagine, it is challenging to continue on while trying to constantly reinstate from where I left off, and without missing too many details that may bewilder or confuse some readers in the future.

If you like creeping, you can take it all in right here. But if you’re not so fond of reading about past things anyway, let’s just say I have decided to leave behind a legacy of confusion and debate; for the past year and a half I have struggled to find my peace, heed my ignored callings and begin to pursue progress.

This blog mirrors my current life as a Jewish convert, determined writer, and a new person in whole. And that is really all that needs to be known.

Shabbat Shalom!


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